P1012278Why K9s

“Petting a dog can help people in pain focus on something outside themselves. Thus, putting them into a calmer state. There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face”

Ben Williams

“How can you be upset when there are dogs to pet?”

NIU student

From a physical point of view dog’s lower heart rate and blood pressure improving moods of people and reducing anxiety. A dog can provide a source of comfort, give a reason to get up in the morning, help people not to be stuck in self pity and provide unconditional love. The dogs keep the individual from fixating on the trauma.

The dogs help the team keep their stress level down allowing the team to function longer at more peak performance. And the K9 team promotes healing not by curing but by reducing stress to promote healing.

The K9 gives unconditional attention to those in pain showing care and compassion. This attention is about touch without a spoken word, showing that the team is paying attention to the needs, hurts and pain of the traumatized.

The K9 helps the team acknowledge people. As people pet the dog they often feel special because someone has asked them to pet the dog and is caring for them in a special way. The K9 helps the team affirm the people they are talking with. Through this attention, acknowledgment and affirmation the Team is able to help model the love of Christ, through Mercy thus leading to a renewing of faith and restoration of hope.

The Extra Mile K9 Crisis Response team is a faith based ministry with all team members’ believers in the power of God through Jesus who gives Mercy and Grace