The Extra Mile K9 Response Team

The Extra Mile brings to any crisis or disaster an Animal Assisted Crisis Response Comfort Dog.  These specially trained comfort dogs work in all situations at all sites. The comfort dogs bring hope to people and help ground people when their lives have been torn apart.

The Extra Mile K9 Comfort dog teams have flown thousands of miles around the country responding to hurricanes in Florida and the Gulf, fires in Southern Calif.  military grief workshops in Washington D.C. shootings in Sandy Hook and Colorado. the bombing in Boston etc.These dogs remind us how we are to show love unconditionally.

The K9 Comfort dog teams provide ongoing recovery support for those victimized by trauma, or disaster. Adding a more important aspect is the spiritual comfort led by the handler after being given opportunities from the K9 Comfort dog.

The Extra Mile K9 Crisis Response ministries is actively networking with interested dog handlers around the country to provide a National K9  Ministry. If you are interested please contact our office.