A Day in Louisville, MS

Posted on: May 19, 2014

LousivelleWe met these high school students in Louisville, MS as we brought K9 Honey to help restore faith and renew hope. They saw us having lunch in the park and wanted to pet Honey, so the magic began and God allowed a bridge to take place. As they petted Honey I asked them if they were impacted by theĀ F4 Tornado and then…the stories started to come out. It would not be fair for me share them without their permission, just let me tell you that on that day K9 Honey of the Extra Mile K9 Crisis Response Team provided a safe place, and a bridge for ministry to take place so that some students from the local high school got to FLUSH some of their emotional pain and maybe were able to go home feeling a little bit better and not so afraid anymore. To God Be the Glory